Arya Bhavan – South Indian Restaurant (Vegetarian)

Hidden amongst residential buildings and shops, this is a real foodie gem. A vegetarian restaurant serving delicious South Indian food at incredibly cheap prices, Arya Bhavan was definitely worth a visit. There are two of them in Abu Dhabi:

arya bhavan 1

The menu.

Main Branch:
ME: 10 – Shabiya Mussafah
Behind Millennium Supermarket
Abudhabi – U.A.E
Phone : 971 2 5599755
Branch 1 :
Al Falah Street – Abudhabi
Next to Fahtima Supermarket
Abudhabi – U.A.E
Phone : 971 2 445 09 09

The place is very simple and the atmosphere is really casual. The place is not big but there are separate zones for couples and families, and for men on their own.
The menu is massive but there are things that can be ordered only after 7pm. We went with a party of friends and everyone was very happy with their food.

As a starter we ordered paneer fritters and gobi fritters, which basically are battered and fried paneer (a type of Indian cheese) and cauliflower. Delicious.
As a main, everyone ordered Vegetable Masala Dosai (a sort of crepe filled with potatoes and other veggies) whilst I had fried rice with paneer – which was really tasty. The portions were huge and no one managed to finish all their plate!
This restaurant might have proved tricky to find if we did not have a friend bringing us there, but we are definitely going to be back many times in the future. Now, where was it again?!

arya bhavan 2

Gobi and Paneer fritters.

arya bhavan 3

Masala Dosai.

arya bhavan 4

Fried rice with paneer.


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