Does hair fall off in Abu Dhabi?

hair care

My hair care stash…

I apologise for the very girly post, but… it had been only a couple of days since my arrival here when someone mentioned it to me: rumours are going around about water making your hair become thinner and fall off.

Of course the thought of imminent baldness terrified me! I immediately went for a trip to the local mall to stock up on hair products.

… So, now that I have lived here for a while, what do I think? Does hair fall off in Abu Dhabi?

I know everyone is different, so my experience might not be everyone’s, but my personal answer is … no.
If anything, my hair has never been healthier!


I love this range.

Due to the heat, here I wash my hair every single day – sometimes even twice a day if I go swimming.
This obviously can’t be too good for them, so I find some hair in the brush, but I think this is perfectly normal and it would happen anywhere with a hot climate.

Of course all this extra washing, the sun and the humidity in the air call for a more systematic hair beauty routine: quick shampoo, conditioner, read a magazine for 10min, wash. Lastly, if I am not too lazy, I spray a nourishing product and blow dry. Done.

It might sounds like hard work, but really it takes minutes, and leaves my hair smelling wonderful, and silky to the touch. Any shampoo/conditioner will do, in my opinion, but I am personally very fond of the John Frieda range of products, which I found in Boots (Abu Dhabi Mall, Dalma Mall) or just bought directly online (Ebay, Amazon).

In conclusion, I don’t think Abu Dhabi water has anything to do with hair fall (I still have to see any scientific argument supporting this theory) but if a baldness scare is what I needed to get into a healthy hair beauty routine, I am fine with it!

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