Burgerfuel in Abu Dhabi


The eye-catching logo.


Where in Abu Dhabi:
Dalma Mall – Ground Floor, near Green Parking 2 and E-Max electronic shop –
Tel: (02) 550 6385
Galleria Mall – South Cafe Terrace, on Al Maryah Island –
Tel: (02) 673 8779

New Zealand is famous for their high quality beef, so it comes as no surprise that they would think about creating a chain of burger restaurants!

The first Burgerfuel opened in 1995 in Auckland, and by 2010 they had landed in the UAE. In Dubai there are many of them scattered throughout the city, but of course we tried their Abu Dhabi branch. (Update: since this post was published, a new branch opened on Al Maryah Island).


The restaurant in Dalma Mall.

Their outlet in Dalma Mall is brightly coloured, had friendly and welcoming staff and attracted us with their promise for natural, fresh and gourmet creations.

I ordered the V Twin Vege burger (mushroom, kumara, chickpea & basil pattie, melted cheddar, plum sauce, salad, relish and fresh aioli), whilst W ordered the Flame Thrower (Char-grilled chicken breast, sliced jalapeno peppers, fresh avocado, salad, relish and fresh aioli). We also decided to have a side of Spud Fries and a Malt Fuel Chocolate Shake to share.

So, what is the verdict? … Absolutely delicious! Special mention needs to go to the fries, which were crunchy and full of taste, and sprinkled with one of the tastiest salts I ever had! Both burgers were full of original flavours, and the milkshake was fresh and indulgent.
I generally think that when a meal is this tasty, it must be unhealthy, but thanks to all the natural and fresh ingredients used in this restaurant, luckily this is not the case! We loved eating here and we will certainly be back soon.


V Twin Vege & Spud Fries

Flame Thrower Burger

Chocolate milkshake


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