Dome Coffees – Deli Casual Dining

Delicious soup of the day (Lentils, Beans and Chickpeas)


Where in Abu Dhabi:

  • Al Whada Mall – 1st Floor
    Phone: (+971) 02-4437153
  • Khalidiyah Mall – Level B
    Phone:(+971) 02-6354562

Dome Coffees was born in Perth, Australia, in the 1990s. Serving high quality coffee and gourmet food, this brand states that their goal is to promotes a elegant and yet affordable lifestyle. Amongst their nearly 100 branches around the world are also two outlets in Abu Dhabi, inside two of the busiest shopping malls of the city.

We tried the cafe in Khalidiyah Mall, on a day in which I was feeling very poorly. I just did not feel like eating fast food, but the idea of sitting down in a restaurant for a long time also seemed too much to ask of my body. I had to get out of the house to do some errands and all I needed was a quick bite in a relaxing environment. I was hoping to find somewhere to eat something healthy, tasty but also quick and simple.

Cheese sandwich and fries.

We had never tried Dome before, but it was the perfect choice for us on that day. The decor is simple but elegant, and the menu is straight forward and yet full of different choices. I ordered the soup of the day, which was a lovely mix of lentils, beans and chickpeas, which came with perfectly toasted bread. W ordered a cheese sandwich and fries, which were both really nice.

The cafe in Khalidiyah Mall.

We were very happy with the food, which was simple and yet really delicious, exactly what we were hoping for. Staff were really friendly and the service was quick and attentive, so we were able to be in and out in less than half an hour, feeling that we had a healthy lunch but also feeling well looked after.

I look forward to try more of this cafe on a day in which I am feeling 100% but we definitely appreciate the fact that even on a difficult day this place managed to cheer us up and help us to go on our way happy and satisfied!


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