First Strokes: Fiction Writing Workshop

Local authors Jody J. Ballard and Seumas Gallacher are hosting their next writing workshop on Saturday 19th of October.
From writing techniques to publishing tips, this workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about fiction writing and meet like-minded people to share ideas with. A chance not to miss for any creative mind in Abu Dhabi.

The workshop is held at Brand Moxie, and spaces are limited, so those who are interested must book soon!

First Strokes 2

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  1. Thanks a bundle, Laura… Anyone interested to participate can also call me on +97150 818 0466 cheers , Seumas Gallacher :))

  2. Reblogged this on Seumas Gallacher and commented:
    Good friend, Laura Volpi gives a nice push on her blog for our next Writing Workshop/Seminar… all ‘budding’ or already ‘budded’ writers are welcome…
    cheers :)

  3. I have to say, if I as in your neck of the woods, I would definitely come. It would be great to meet you, and pick your large brain about the creative process.

  4. Laura LE-STARR

    Hi Laura, this is an amazing place for us (about to be expats in AD) to find answers and ask about anything we don’t know. Looking forward to reading your updates. I can’t reply to you on Internations as i need to upgrade account but want to wait until i’m there to do so. please PM when you can. Grazie and keep uo the good work!!

    • Hi Laura! Thank you so much for your kind words! I really hope it is helpful! I will PM you but you can also get me on my ‘normal’ email, which is teapot24 AT gmail DOT com xx

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