Trying Archery for the first time

Something new to try!

I personally blame Hollywood and all the bow-wielding heroes that graced the big screen lately: whatever the reason, archery seems to be the new sport to try, and we could not pass on the chance to see if the blood of a new Legolas is running through our veins.

Long story short: I am rubbish.
Of course W did very well and in our group came second only to a guy who had tried this sport before.
Even if I did really badly, I had a very fun evening, and this is what matters, right?!?

We went to the Al Forsan Sports Resort, a complex which includes a paintball arena, various shooting ranges, equestrian facilities, two driving tracks, professional wakeboarding lakes and ranges for all sort of other activities: it is massive.

The shooting range

In the Archery centre we had two instructors teaching us what to do, how to hold the bow and the basics of this sport.
They were both very patient and got us to practice before a small tournament within our group.
We went in the evening, and it was really pleasant to be outdoors.

Whilst I am pretty sure that archery is not in my DNA, it has been really fun to do something so different and learn some new skills.
I think trying a new sport is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your friends, and I can’t wait to do something similar again.

The targets


The Archery Centre is inside the Al Forsan Sports Resort.
Costs: 100/150 AED depending on how long you stay (price list)
More info: website



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