Where to buy buttermilk in Abu Dhabi.

Yay! Whoopie pies for everyone!

I know, I know: this is an awfully specific blog post!!
But I do love to cook whoopie pies, and I thought other people might do too!

I was slightly worried when I realised that buttermilk is not exactly a common item in the local supermarkets.
I had hoped that the many British chains that have stores over here would sell it, but for some reason I never managed to find it there.
Great news though: the LuLu hypermarket inside Khalidiyah Mall has saved me from trying to make my own buttermilk (which I am sure would have resulted in a zombie outbreak).

They always have a good stock, but once I bought the last two, so if you don’t see it there, probably it is my fault. Sorry. I am sure they will restock it soon!

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