Royal Furniture – Local furniture shop.

Our frames bought at Royal Furniture.


Showroom in Abu Dhabi:
location & opening times

After moving to the UAE we suddenly found ourselves with an entire flat to furnish.
And quick.
I know what you are thinking: Ikea! And yes, that is definitely a good option.

But what if we want something a bit different, maybe with a bit of a local flavour?

Royal Furniture is in the Mina Port area.
When we turned at the roundabout to go to Mina Shopping Centre, we saw the huge glass showroom’s windows on our right and we decided to have a look.

The space is really big, and mostly sells sofas, dining sets and bedroom sets, as well as small items such as frames, vases, candles and so on.

The style of the furniture varies: some pieces are very classic, but they have many others which are very simple and modern.
They also have a range of fun children furniture, like beds in the shapes of race cars or with American football balls-shaped headboards.
The prices are affordable – and some items are really a bargain.

I personally like to go there to buy photo frames: usually they go for 5 or 10 AED each (which is less than 2 pounds) and they are really pretty: the ones we chose were in distressed black wood (think shabby-chic!) and they were perfect for the ‘antique’ prints we wanted to hang on our wall.

I like this showroom because it has a good range of furniture, both modern and classic, and their prices on things like vases, boxes, frames and general household décor are really good!

Frames at a bargain price.

Nice and affordable dining set.

A lot of sofas to choose from.







A classic bedroom…

…and a more modern one.

The place is huge!


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