Vasa Vasa – Italian ice cream parlour


The 500g take away box.


Where in Abu Dhabi:
Al Muneera Beach Front, Al Raha Beach
Tel: 02 555 6484

What some people might not know is that the Al Muneera beach front, on Al Raha Beach, is open to everyone, not only the residents of the complex.

Yes, the beach access is private, so unless you live in one of the buildings around it you can’t walk on the sand or go swimming, but anyone is free to stay in the plaza and eat at the many restaurants and cafes there, which all have outdoor seating.

It’s so lovely to sit in the sea breeze and enjoy the beautiful view on Yas Island, with the Yas Viceroy Hotel all lit by thousands LED lights, and it’s so easy, thanks to a massive underground visitors parking just a few steps away.

One of the many places that can be enjoyed during this lovely winter season (I never experienced a December with temperatures around 27C!) is the Italian ice cream parlour Vasa Vasa. ‘Vasare’ comes from the Sicilian dialect and means ‘Kissing’.
Tucked away in the right corner of the plaza, this ice cream parlour is a real gem.

Not only the ice cream is delicious, but they also have unique flavours, which you can’t find easily around, such as ‘cassata’, a typical Sicilian dessert originally made with candy fruit and ricotta cheese, or Gianduia, which is chocolate with hazelnuts.
They also sell sorbets and a small selection of pastries, cakes and biscuits, all home-made following Italian recipes.
Coffee is also available, especially real Italian ‘espresso’.

We have been there a few times already and we always found helpful staff and irresistible ice cream, which can be eaten straight away or brought home in a take-away box, which apparently keeps it cold for up to 30 minutes.
Next time we fancy Italian ice cream, we know where to go!

ice cream

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