Sandy Paws: foster homes needed!

(Photo: © Sandy Paws)

Sandy Paws is an incredible charity that rescues and provides for many cats and kittens around Abu Dhabi.
It is all down to the passion and enthusiasm of Jackie and the other volunteers and fosters if these unlucky cats can have a second chance at life.

Most of them have been found starving on the street, neglected or mistreated, and they are all in need of a loving family and a safe place where to be happy again.

Even if you are not able to adopt a pet forever, fostering is a great way to make a true difference.


  • Many rescue associations, like Sandy Paws, do not own a cattery, so all of their cats need to be temporarily located in suitable foster homes, waiting to find their forever family.
  • Many cats do not adapt to kennels and the permanence in small enclosed spaces can be a real torture for them. Fostering allows them to relax and reveal their true nature, making it so much easier to find the perfect family to match them with.
  • Some cats, especially if they have been mistreated, might be very shy, but living in a safe foster home will help them to become more sociable, increasing their chances to be successfully adopted once and for all.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience, especially if you love animals but for various reasons you can’t commit to adopt a cat forever.

If you think you can help, even for short periods of time, please get in touch with Sandy Paws today!

Click HERE for more ideas about how to volunteer in Abu Dhabi.

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