Waitrose in Abu Dhabi

Neatly piled fruits at Waitrose Al Zeina.


  • Waitrose Al Reem Island – inside Boutik Mall, Sky and Sun Towers
    Opening Times:
    Every day from 7am to 11pm.
    Meat Room: Yes, and with a fresh counter.
  • Waitrose Al Zeina – Al Raha Beach
    Opening Times:
    Every day from 8am to 10pm
    Meat Room: Yes – fridges only
  • Waitrose Avenue – Etihad Towers
    Opening Times:
    Every day from 8am to 10pm.
    Meat Room: Yes, and with a fresh counter.
  • Waitrose Eastern Mangroves
    Opening Times:
    Every day from 8am to 11pm
    Meat Room: Yes – fridges only

Waitrose is one of the most loved UK grocery chains. It is hard to describe the excitement on the face of some of my Expat friends when they discover that they can still shop as they did in London!

Generally, I tend to prefer quaint, local grocery shops – you know, those with all that amazing-looking food I never ate before! – but I must admit it: sometimes going for something you know is just what you need. Also, I am vegetarian, but for those who are fans of pepperoni pizza and crispy bacon, the meat room is something essential to the weekly shop!

Waitrose in the UAE does not seem to have an official website, hence I thought it would be useful to make a post with all locations and opening times I am aware of, however these hours might change on public holidays/religious holidays, so it is always good to take it with a pinch of salt on those days. If you have any more info to share, please comment below!

Aisle in Waitrose Al Zeina

Meat fridges in Al Zeina.

Fresh meat counters in Waitrose Al Reem.

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  1. Thank you for following my blog. I know a couple of people who live in Abu Dhabi or have lived there recently. One of them created the project for the Arabian horses you see at businesses etc. in Dubai and I have a small copy of the one at Emirate Airlines. I will be in Dubai briefly in July on my way to Addis.

    • Hello Juliana! Thank you, I love your blog. How cool about your friends, I would love to know more about the Arabian horses project. Any website I could look at? I hope you will enjoy Dubai and I also hope one day you will get to visit Abu Dhabi too! :)

      • I have a book with photos of all the original horses in it. The title is “Dubai’s Celebration of the Arabian Horse”. There were 25 originally in 2005. My friend, Patricia Palmer and her husband, lived there at the time and got the project going. Christies was also involved as was the then Crown Prince. They are large statues of decorated Arabian horses. I only have one small copy.

  2. Waitrose – easily the best supermarkets. High standard, not too big, and pleasant staff.

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