Abu Dhabi Color Run – 29th March

Color Run presented by Daman's Activelife all set for Abu Dhabi

(Photo: © Color Run)

Saturday the 29th of March, at the Yas Marina Circuit, everyone is invited to take part in a (literal) explosion of colours, a celebration of sports and joie-de-vivre.

The Colour Run is a non-competitive run: this 5 Km event sees runners wearing white and becoming moving works of art with each kilometer, as they are doused from head to toe in coloured powder, whilst live music pumps out of speakers along the course.
And for those who ask …but why?! I respond: why not?! (But yes, maybe do not wear a very expensive white t-shirt, that’s it).

This concept was originally invented in America, as a way to raise money for charity and have fun at the same time, but it is now a worldwide event, open to all ages and levels of fitness. Check the official FAQ page for more information, or the official website, facebook page, instagram, or youtube.

Registrations are already open and will close on Saturday 22nd of March. Places are limited so those interested best hurry up!
Entries cost 140 AED and include a gift pack, an event t-shirt, a sweatband and a colour pack. Part of the registration fee will be donated to charity through Just Giving.

Click HERE to read more about SPORTS in Abu Dhabi.line

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  1. Hi. I have just moved to Abu Dhabi and I love your blog! It has become my go-to place to know what’s happening. Thank you!

    (also,this is the third time I am trying to post a comment so if you get this 3 times, I am sorry)

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