Hickory’s Sports Bar and Restaurant

Scrummy chocolate dessert.


Where in Abu Dhabi:
Yas Links Golf Course
Yas Island
Tel: 02 810 7777

As I wrote in a previous post, W and I took up golf for the very first time here in Abu Dhabi.
This is why we tried Hickory’s at the beginning, but the lovely food and drinks are the reason why we keep going back!

Located inside the Yas Links golf course, this sports bar has several big screens around the venue. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the clientèle seems to be a healthy mix of seasoned golfers and people just coming for the food and a couple of drinks.

We have been there several times, both on our own and with family and friends, and we really like it. The menu has plenty of choices, from burgers and salads to pasta and seafood, and they also have a lot of weekly promotions, such as ‘Monday English roast night’ or ‘Thursday curry night’.

I didn’t take photos every single time we went, but I should have, because the dishes always look so good! Below are some random snaps:

Rocket with char grilled vegetables, buffalo mozzarella and pesto drizzle.

Sun and Sands pizza (Margherita).

Five leafs salad with balsamic infused pears, garlic boursin cheese and oregano crisp.









Taco shell bowl with beef chilli.

Tex Mex tasting plate.

I love this drink! I always order it.








This is one of our favourite spots in Abu Dhabi: the food is always really yummy, there is a good selection of drinks and a full bar, and staff are always very helpful and attentive.

And I must say, eating there makes me almost forget how bad I actually am at golfing!!


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