Sisters Beauty Lounge – St Regis Hotel

The  mani-pedi room

The mani-pedi room (Photo: © Sisters Beauty Lounge)


Where in Abu Dhabi: St Regis Hotel, Nation Towers, Tel: 02 6210044

Nearly 2 months after my arrival in Abu Dhabi, the sun, sea, sand and air/con were taking their toll on my hair and nails. Therefore it was time to spend the afternoon being pampered by the professionals at the Sisters Beauty Lounge.

Sisters Beauty Lounge is located within the St. Regis hotel in the striking Nation Towers on the Corniche.
For those of you who have not yet visited it, this is one of Abu Dhabi’s top-of-the range 5 star hotels, and you will not be disappointed with your entrance through the grand lobby. Not surprisingly, given its location, the newly opened beauty lounge is very high-spec, with opulent décor, top-of-the-range equipment and highly trained technicians and stylists.

Sisters specialise in the ‘top to toe’ approach and offers an extensive range of treatments, including waxing, eyelash extensions, make-up and hair styling.
The services are designed specifically for those who are short on time. Following from the success of their Al Bateen branch, this is the second Sisters Beauty Lounge to open in Abu Dhabi, and the sixth in the UAE, where the brand has been operating for almost 10 years.

Essie Nail Range

Essie nail range (Photo: © Sisters Beauty Lounge)

Hair Salon

The hair salon (Photo: © Sisters Beauty Lounge)









I was booked in for a blow dry, manicure and pedicure and welcomed on arrival by Meira who escorted me to have my hair washed and conditioned.
The Salon uses Redkin, L’Oréal and Kérastase professional products. As my hair was very dry from the air/con – which is common problem out here, I was prescribed ‘Redkin extreme’ shampoo and conditioner. I also received an extensive head massage to ensure ultimate relaxation.

The mani-pedi blow dry in progress (a potential look for Halloween)…

Half German, half Russian, my hair stylist ‘Art’ was the perfect combination of experienced stylist and entertainer, putting me instantly at ease. After establishing what kind of night I had ahead, we discussed blow dry options and decided to ‘go big’.
Art expertly blow dried my hair and then pinned it up in lots of big rollers (perhaps a new fashioned trend in itself). I was then passed over to Ann to have my mani-pedi done whilst my hair set.

My first task was to select a nail polish for the vast array available from ‘essie’ an American salon brand.
I selected ‘angora cardi’ (a shade of purple) for my hands and a silvery purple metallic shade for my feet.
I was made comfortable in a large arm chair and offered a drink.

Ann started by carefully filing the nails and then inserting my hand into a plastic glove filled with keratin cream. This was designed to eliminate the need for soaking in the traditional bowl of water and to speed up the process.

When both hands were filed and suitably softened, she worked on my cuticles (all tools were stored in a sterilised packet demonstrating the very high levels of hospital-style cleanliness and hygiene).
Each hand took around 20 minutes and was also massaged before applying the polish. This included primer, 2 coats of my selected coloured polish and one layer of top coat expertly applied.

Before and after the manicure (I promise no tanning products were applied!)

The polish dried naturally without the need for a dryer and has lasted 7 days with only a couple of chips – although I was warned too much typing was a hazard and may have been my downfall!

Midway through my manicure, a second technician started my pedicure. After soaking my feet at the multipurpose mani-pedi station, she filed away all the nasty hard skin to leave them soft.
My nails and cuticles were carefully shaped (again using a sterilised tool kit), both feet were soothingly massaged and then the polish was applied.
To ensure I didn’t damage my perfected toe nails, I was supplied with a cute pair of pink disposable flip flops while Art finished my hair.

When the rollers were removed I had lots of volume and bounce which I find difficult to achieve myself with my long, very straight hair. I was pleased with the results (see below) and it lasted all evening and the next day too!

My much improved conditioned and blow dried hair…

I had an excellent overall experience and left not only very pleased with my hair and nails but also feeling relaxed thanks to the high standard of customer service.

Overall my treatments took around 2 hours. Go to the website for a breakdown of all the costs for their full range of treatments, but a basic manicure will set you back 85 AED and the Pedicure 95 AED. A blow dry is from 145 AED and I would certainly recommend requesting the services of Art for your hair.

Treatment Room

Treatment room (Photo: © Sisters Beauty Lounge)


Patio (Photo: © Sisters Beauty Lounge)








Click HERE to read more about PAMPERING.

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  1. This is awesome, and you do look stunning! Good info.

  2. Agreed! You look amazing Rosie :) great post xx

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