Saving money: online vouchers

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(screenshots © Groupon, Yallabanana, Strange Offers and Kobonaty)

Life in Abu Dhabi is great because you really have the chance to do anything you want, try a different nation’s food each day and enjoy sports and natural sights. To help keeping expenses under control, a good idea is to use discount vouchers.

Apart from the Entertainer book, there are also a lot of online voucher companies, offering a “deal-of-the-day” type of approach. You subscribe to their daily newsletter and every day there is a new gift certificate available, to be used in various local establishments, from restaurants to beauty spas, but also to buy different items or even to get a tailor-made suit.

I have personally tried only one of these websites, so I can’t really offer first-hand experience for all of them, however these are the companies we heard about since we arrived in Abu Dhabi, and the ones I am going to keep on the radar from now on, scouting for interesting deals.

Groupon – Half price on things such as pizza, a head massage and a kayaking experience.

Yallabanana – Today’s deals include paintballing, a buffet lunch, and a water jet pack experience.

Strange Offers – The offers on this website are indeed strange, but for those who always wanted a log pillow, an Eggmaster or an engraving pen, this is probably the right place.

Kobonaty Deals – This website seems to be offering mostly holidays or getaways, to local destinations, such as Umm Al Quwain and Muscat, or international ones, such as London and the Maldives.

And for a general round-up of various offers from different outlets, there are Voucher Codes UAE or Big Discounts UAE.

If you have had any experience with any of these sites and you would like to share it, or if you know of more websites, please let us know!

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