Restronaut – social dining platform coming tomorrow to Abu Dhabi.

(screenshot © Restronaut)

(screenshot © Restronaut)

Let’s face it: meeting new people in your adult years is always a bit awkward.
Gone are the days where you could just walk up to someone at the park and ask if they want to play with you!

I mean, you can still do it, but either you get a friend for life, or you get murdered – 50/50 chance.

If approaching strangers in Khalifa park is not your idea of fun, you might want to take a look at Restronaut, a social dining website that aims to connect people with similar interests over dinner.

It is easy enough: someone starts a table in a nice restaurant, shares the menu and a theme to the evening, such as an obsession for Twitter (no, I am not making this up) or a passion for Jessica Fletcher’s fashion (yes, I am making this up – but I wish I wasn’t).

If you think that you might enjoy the conversation, you join the table, pre-pay your dinner through a safe online payment method, and voilà: you are good to go, ready to meet new friends.

Now, before y’all start screaming and say “but it is in Dubai!”, hear me out: yes, most of their dinners are based in Dubai, but tomorrow night – Tuesday 20th May – they have one in Abu Dhabi, even though it is for ladies only, and apparently they are planning to expand over here, so hopefully more dinners will come soon.

Tomorrow night’s dinner calls for business ladies in the UAE: there are still a few places left as we write, and it is at Koi, which is a really lovely restaurant. (Note to self: write review for Koi).

Restronaut seems like a fun idea to me, so I hope to see more of their dinners in the capital!

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