O1NE Yas Island – Nightclub in Abu Dhabi


(photo © O1NE)

If you have ever been to Yas Island, or just drove through it on your way to Saadiyat, you can’t have missed it: there is an oval building in front of the du Arena, with amazing graffiti walls whose bright colours stand out both during the day and even more at night, when lit by industrial-sized spotlights.

We were very curious about it, so imagine how excited we were when we finally got to have a proper look!

That impressive building is home to the O1NE, nothing less than one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the UAE.
Open only one evening a week, on Thursdays (and sometimes on Fridays for special events), this unique venue is so popular that they have a limousine service bringing people in from other cities.
It opens at 11pm at night and goes on until late, with celebrity DJs making sure to keep you on your feet all night.

The fun for us started from outside: the graffiti wall is even more amazing when seen up and close! At 2,500 square meters going 18 meters-high, this is the largest privately-owned graffiti wall in the world: apparently it took 18 artists two weeks to complete it.


The graffiti façade when was just completed (photo © O1NE)


Graffiti artists at work (photo © O1NE)









Inside, the atmosphere is elegant and sleek, but most of all, it is different from anything you might have seen elsewhere: it feels a bit like stepping into a different world, a futuristic Time Square where every week is New Year’s Eve.

A series of sofas and low tables are arranged on three different levels, and instead of a dance floor there is a catwalk-like area right in the centre of the club, where the bravest (or most talented) dancers try to show off their skills.

The most impressive feature of all, however, must be the 360 degrees 3D projection mapping system, which is basically a wide, curved screen completely covering all the interior walls.
The three-dimensional background images keep changing, accompanied by a psychedelic light show that left us looking up and around in amazement.


View from the DJ booth (photo © O1NE)


The amazing interiors (photo © O1NE)








Even if clubs are not your cup of tea, you should try this one, at least once.
Even more, if you like to dance the night away, you will love this place and be back again and again.

Definitely this is a go-to destination, thanks to its very fun and relaxed atmosphere – and yet very lavish, stylish and unique setting.

The entry is free, they have a full bar and great music. We truly had a great time and we have been talking about it ever since.

Our top tips to have a great night:

Dress to impress: everyone in there look amazing and you simply don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. Door selection also means that you need to be elegant to be let in, but the extra time spent rustling through your wardrobe is definitely worthwhile.

Book a table! The bar’s high-stools are free hence they go as quick as hot pancakes: either you arrive extra-early to grab one and never move from it all night (which somehow does not sound too fun), or you call 052 788 8111 and book a table – maybe sharing it with your friends. You will get a personal assistant taking care of your drinks, a comfy sofa and perfect view over the Dj booth. Totally worth spending something extra, especially considering that you don’t have to pay an entry ticket.


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  1. Awesome! I need to be here!!

  2. We enjoyed when we went but it was soooo busy!

  3. agree.. amazing club!

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