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Pablo Picasso once said that “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, and once again Abu Dhabi did not disappoint us.
Apart from the new Louvre, Guggenheim and Zayed National Museum , which are in the works and should be completed in the next few years, here are the other cultural and artistic opportunities we have heard so far, but many more are to come!

art news






  • Local writers Seumas Gallacher and Jody J. Ballard writing workshops.
  • Meetup Book Club
  • Meetup Philosophy Group.
  • Poet’s Corner – Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation: Poets and followers of poetry meet to share their love of this literary art form. For more information, call 050 616 7890
  • Abu Dhabi National Library – (website)
  • Daly Community Library – (website)
  • Al Shaheen Library and Readers Club – (website)


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