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Abu Dhabi is a real heaven for foodies from all over the world. Beside the many grocery shops (Waitrose, Carrefour, LuLu, Coop, M&S, KM Daily, Abela, Choitram, just to mention a few), and the many restaurants and cafes, we were happy to discover that the city has a wide choice of specialty bakers, chocolatiers and delicatessen shops to satisfy each and every of our whims.

Below you will find our personal favourites. This page will be constantly updated as we find new yummy places.

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 Jones the Grocer
Deli cheeses, handmade pasta sauces, specialty oils, pasta, chocolates and aromatic tea and coffee.

lorenzo patisserie 2

Lorenzo Patisserie Chocolates, cakes, sweet and savoury biscuits, Arabic delicacies and coffee sweets.

Ripe Markets
Organic and locally sourced products from selected farms in the region.









Where to buy buttermilk in Abu Dhabi.

The Fish Souk
Fresh fish, dried fish, and coconut milk.


Camel Cookies Delicious patisserie made with camel milk!




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