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Moving to a new city is stressful. Amazing, adventurous, wonderful, exciting but also stressful.
One of the things that make us feel better when we are stressed is to laugh it off with our friends. As we could not take our friends and pack them in our suitcases, we had to come here and try to get some new ones. Luckily we met a lot of lovely people through work, but you never have too many friends!

Volunteering, joining a members club, a literary group, a singing ensemble, or a sport team are all great ways to meet like-minded people, but sometimes being so far from home can be a bit overwhelming. Here is where the websites below might prove helpful.

  • Meetup – We typed in our city and chose a group with similar interests to ours.  So easy!
  • Couchsurfing – It is one of the biggest travellers communities on the web. We don’t have a couch to spare at the moment, however we can still hang out, show the city around to other travellers, and participate to local events.
  • Duplays – A website for active types, great to find people who like the same sports as us.
  • Abu Dhabi Woman, Expat Woman, Abu Dhabi Women Group – Sites for Lau to ask questions and meet other women.
  • Still for Lau: the Abu Dhabi Ladies meet for coffee and chats every Wednesday morning, from 10am to noon, at the Jazz Bar, behind Hemingway’s, inside the Hilton Hotel on the Corniche.
    For more info: abudhabiladies@gmail.com
    The Ladies Who Lunch is another groups for ladies who would like to meet other ladies.
  • Internations – A social network for citizens of the world.
  • Social Circles – Another social network, focused on the Middle East.
  • Cicer is the Italian Cultural Association, welcoming anyone who likes Italian culture and lifestyle, regardless of their nationality.


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