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A very interesting website for nature lovers: the Emirates Natural History Group.

The Abu Dhabi Flower & Gardening Group can be contacted on 050 446 8534. The describe themselves as a group aimed at creating environmental awareness and appreciation. Various field trips are held during the cooler months along with exhibits by floral artists.

Abu Dhabi is also very focused on sustainability and research of new energy sources.
Masdar city (website) is a fantastic place where to learn more about it.

Every year, Abu Dhabi is also host to the largest gathering on sustainability in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (website) – (blog post 1) (blog post 2) and to events promoting alternative technologies, such as the TAQA GCC Hybrid Electric Challenge (website) – (blog post).

From the cristal blue ocean to the honey-hued desert, from the friendly giraffes to the yawning tigers, Abu Dhabi has wowed us with its stunning natural beauty, drawing us towards the landscape and giving us many opportunities to get close to some of its majestic animal inhabitants.

Below we will narrate our favourite experiences interacting with the natural world around us.

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Emirates Park Zoo


Geocaching in the UAE









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