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Abu Dhabi is a paradise for shopaholics! From big malls and small local business to locally-based online shops, markets and fairs, we really could not ask for more.
On this page we added our personal favourites, divided in categories. (Slowly but surely we will get around to review them all!)
Scroll down for the category you are interested in. (Page constantly updated).

For our favourite food shopping spots, please click here.


shopping malls

What better excuse than the heat to take shelter in one of the many elegant and modern shopping centres around the city? Here is a list of the ones that we have visited so far and that we would recommend.

  • Abu Dhabi Mallofficial website
    Highlights: a massive H&M, a Boots pharmacy and a surviving Virgin Mega Store.
    Grocery supermarket: Coop.
  • Al Raha Mallofficial website
    Highlights: The cinema, shops selling traditional clothing and furniture.
    Grocery supermarket: Lulu
  • Al Whada Mallofficial website
    Highlights: Lakeland, Gold’s Gym, Virgin Mega Store.
    Grocery supermarket: LuLu
  • Boutikofficial facebook
    Highlights: Lovely restaurants and cafes.
    Grocery supermarket: Waitrose (blog post)
  • Dalma Mallofficial website
    Highlights: Huge Pottery Barn and many others big furniture/housewares shops.
    Grocery supermarket: Carrefour
  • Fotouh Al Khair Centreofficial website
    Highlights: Huge M&S clothing store.
    Grocery supermarket: M&S
  • Khalidiyah Mallofficial website
    Highlights: Delicious dates hampers at Bateel.
    Grocery supermarket: LuLu
  • Marina Mallofficial website
    Highlights: Panoramic restaurant and ice rink.
    Grocery supermarket: Carrefour
  • Mushrif Mallofficial website
    Highlights: The city’s largest indoor food court, Lakeland, Daiso.
    Grocery supermarket: LuLu
  • Meena Center – (location)
    Highlights: Abdul Karim housewares and a massive bookstore.
    Grocery supermarket: Coop.
  • Deerfields Townsquare Mallofficial websiteofficial facebook
    Highlights: Not fully open as Dec ’13, but set to be huge!
    Grocery supermarket: Carrefour
  • The Galleria Mallofficial website
    Highlights: High-fashion boutiques and brands.
  • Madinat Zayed Mallofficial website
    Highlight: The gold Souk, where to haggle on those great pair of earrings.
    Grocery supermarket: LuLu
  • Central Market Souk official website
    Highlight: Plenty of lovely shops and restaurants.
    Grocery supermarket: KM Daily
  • The Souk at Qaryat Al Beriofficial website
    Highlight: Stunning view on the Grand Mosque, lovely water canals, shops and restaurants.
  • Hamdan Centre location
    Highlight: Bargain prices on electronics, clothes and souvenirs.
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall official website
    Highlight: Unique fast food options in the food court and the cinema.
    Grocery supermarket: Carrefour





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