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2 for 1 voucher for Burgerfuel (valid until 24/3)

(Photo: © Burgerfuel)

I have already written about Burgerfuel and how much we like it, but apparently they created a new chicken burger called Nacho Libre. Alas! I can’t try it (I am a veggie), but for all the meat-eaters out there, here is the LINK to a voucher that will get you a free Nacho Libre burger when you purchase one. (Small prints: The promotion expires on the 24/3)

The two Burgerfuel branches in Abu Dhabi that we have found so far are:
Dalma Mall – Ground Floor, near Green Parking 2 and E-Max electronic shop –
Tel: (02) 550 6385
Galleria Mall – South Cafe Terrace, on Al Maryah Island –
Tel: (02) 673 8779


Hardee’s in Abu Dhabi

Classic burger combo menu.


Where in Abu Dhabi:

Khalidiyah Mall, Food Court;
Abu Dhabi Mall, Food Court;
Al Whada Mall, 2nd floor;
Mushrif Mall, Food Court;
Khalifa City A, near Geant supermarket;
Tourist Club area, beside Emsons Supermarket on Electra Street;

As far as burger chains go, Hardee’s is one of the most popular in Abu Dhabi, with shops in some of the main malls, petrol stations and central streets. (Here is the complete list of all the restaurants in the UAE).

Hardee’s was founded in the 1960s by a man called Wilbur Hardee, who started selling charbroiled hamburgers in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
His success was so rapid that by the end of the decade he had opened nearly 200 restaurants, in the US and in Europe.
The first one opened in the Middle East was in 1981, and it was in Kuwait.
Today there are more than 2200 Hardee’s all over the world.

Hardee’s in Al Whada mall.

We love a good burger and we are often looking for a quick bite in between errands, so we decided to try the Hardee’s in Al Whada mall. The food court of the mall is huge, so when you order they give you one of those boxes that starts beeping when your food is ready.

We just shared a burger combo – which means that W ate the burger and I had some of the fries and the cookie!
We were pleasantly surprised, because when it is a chain of such huge proportions you almost expect the food to disappoint you… and yet it was actually really yummy!
Everything in the meal tasted freshly prepared and the fries were the right kind of crunchy.
Staff at this branch were also very friendly, which added to our positive feeling.
We will definitely try more of these burger joints around the city!


Max Burgers in Abu Dhabi

Super yummy!


Where in Abu Dhabi:
Abu Dhabi Mall – Level 3
Tel: 026740057 – opening times
Dalma Mall – First floor, suite 166
Tel: 025508896 – opening times
New: Khalidiya Mall – Level 2, food court
Tel: 026813880

Max is a burger chain that comes from Sweden. Founded in 1968, quickly spread all across the country and in 2012 they opened their first restaurant in the UAE.

The banner in Dalma Mall.

W and I tried the one in Dalma Mall, which has very friendly staff.
We have been there quite a few times, actually, and we really like it.

Everything is really tasty. W and I have tried pretty much all the menu, but of course I recommend the veggie burger. They also serve salads, several yummy sides and milkshakes.

Love their milkshakes!

We really like this burger chain, because it uses healthy ingredients and they also have a range called ‘delifresh’, which has very low calories (more info on their website), which is a really good idea.

We usually go to the cinema in Dalma Mall, and often we just want a quick bite before the film starts: we had never heard of Max Burger before moving to live here, but now it is definitely one of our favourite burger restaurants!


Burger Bureau in Abu Dhabi.



Where in Abu Dhabi:

Al Whada Mall
Level Three
Al Whada Mall Extension
Telephone: 800 1287437

You never forget your first meal in a new city, and it was on our very first visit to Al Whada Mall that we chose to have lunch in this restaurant, which looked very cheerful and original, and had very friendly door staff.

Little did we know that we were about to step into nothing less than a Burger Crime Office, where the menu is a Most Wanted list and the burgers have names inspired by mystery and crime fiction. With such original and detailed décor and a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, we liked it straight away.

lunch at Burger Bureau

Lovely décor and atmosphere.

The menu offered the chance to build our own burger, but in the end I ordered an Italian Job (grilled Portobello mushroom, mozzarella cheese, tomato relish, fresh basil and green rocket) and W ordered a BB Classic (beef, tomato, lettuce, onion, tomato relish, and herb mayonnaise).

The buns were yummy and at the right level of softness (not too much, not too little), the fillings were mouthwatering and all was complimented by a side of curly fries, which came in a fun cone-shaped container fitted with two sauce holders.

Apart from the lovely food, we had great fun in reading the menu, full of puns and word plays on the crime theme. W just loves burgers and I (Lau) am a vegetarian, so my quest for a tasty veggie burger never really ends. With so many burger chains around, we love to try local companies, especially if they use organic and natural ingredients.

With such tasty burgers and original and creative setting, we have been lucky to end up here as our first meal in Abu Dhabi, and of course that has not been the last.


Burgerfuel in Abu Dhabi


The eye-catching logo.


Where in Abu Dhabi:
Dalma Mall – Ground Floor, near Green Parking 2 and E-Max electronic shop –
Tel: (02) 550 6385
Galleria Mall – South Cafe Terrace, on Al Maryah Island –
Tel: (02) 673 8779

New Zealand is famous for their high quality beef, so it comes as no surprise that they would think about creating a chain of burger restaurants!

The first Burgerfuel opened in 1995 in Auckland, and by 2010 they had landed in the UAE. In Dubai there are many of them scattered throughout the city, but of course we tried their Abu Dhabi branch. (Update: since this post was published, a new branch opened on Al Maryah Island).


The restaurant in Dalma Mall.

Their outlet in Dalma Mall is brightly coloured, had friendly and welcoming staff and attracted us with their promise for natural, fresh and gourmet creations.

I ordered the V Twin Vege burger (mushroom, kumara, chickpea & basil pattie, melted cheddar, plum sauce, salad, relish and fresh aioli), whilst W ordered the Flame Thrower (Char-grilled chicken breast, sliced jalapeno peppers, fresh avocado, salad, relish and fresh aioli). We also decided to have a side of Spud Fries and a Malt Fuel Chocolate Shake to share.

So, what is the verdict? … Absolutely delicious! Special mention needs to go to the fries, which were crunchy and full of taste, and sprinkled with one of the tastiest salts I ever had! Both burgers were full of original flavours, and the milkshake was fresh and indulgent.
I generally think that when a meal is this tasty, it must be unhealthy, but thanks to all the natural and fresh ingredients used in this restaurant, luckily this is not the case! We loved eating here and we will certainly be back soon.


V Twin Vege & Spud Fries

Flame Thrower Burger

Chocolate milkshake


Grand Central – Burgers Restaurant

The Grand Central restaurant in Dalma Mall


Where in Abu Dhabi:

  • Muroor Road – Intersection of Muroor & 15th Street – 02 642-6499
    (opposite Mamoura Buildings, across from Jones the Grocer)
  • Dalma Mall – Musaffah – 02 445-5867
    (second floor, near the cinema)

Waiting for our order to be ready.



The first thing that attracted us to this burger restaurant has been its striking decor.

We were walking through Dalma Mall and we could not help but being drawn towards the bright red seats, the luggage over them and the overall underground feeling, complete with curved roof over our head! Attention has been given to the smallest details, such as the order number which is in the shape of a rail crossing sign.

Grand Central is a local burger chain, created by an UAE national and an American from New York. They transported their restaurants right into the tunnels of a New York subway, sourced local and organic ingredients and created something of high quality, fun, and original in the somehow very crowded world of burger franchises.

I ordered mini veggie burgers with a side of curly fries. W ordered the beef burger with sweet potatoes fries. To top it off, we shared a cookies and cream milkshake.

Our food arrived in beautiful packets, almost wrapped as designer clothes in a posh boutique. We were very impressed!

Beef burger.

Veggie mini burgers.


Cookies and cream milkshake.







We were not disappointed by the taste either: everything was absolutely gorgeous!

Burgers unwrapped.

The burgers were tasty and juicy, the fries were perfectly crisp, and the milkshake had cookies’ crumbles happily clogging up the straw.

We really loved everything about this restaurant.

Thanks to its great atmosphere, really helpful staff and wonderful food, Grand Central has quickly become one of our favourite places to go when we want a really good burger.


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