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Camel Cookies – A Treat To Fill Your Empty Quarter


Variety box of Camel Cookies.

Location in Abu Dhabi: just off 12th Street, next to the Presidential Guard building. (map on the official website)

In life there are some monumental moments. The moment you meet the love of your life.  Seeing your sports team win that big trophy. Watching the last episode of Breaking Bad. Well now you can add another to your list. Eating some of the best cookies ever.


Bag with Camel Cookies logo.

Camel Cookies is a little store that deliver (metaphorically and physically) one of  the greatest cookies you will ever eat.

As their website (Camel Cookies) states, they have mixed Emirati heritage with a Western staple and produced something brand new.

Camel milk, saffron, cardamom and Arabic coffee fused with traditional cookie fillings mean these are something new and no one can blame you if you have to taste all the flavours, in fact it would be weird if you didn’t.

I bought a variety box which had a pair of each of the six varieties and managed to eat two before my office had the rest between them. Let’s just say when I came home saying how wonderful these cookies I’d eaten that day were, Lau was not too happy. In fact you might say she had the hump…

Camel Cookies are also on instagram if you want to see what you are missing!

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