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Lorenzo – Patisserie and Chocolate Shop

Delicious biscuits selection.


Where in Abu Dhabi:

  • Al Nasser Street,
    Near the British Embassy,
    Al Khalidiya
    Tel: +971 2 631 0303

I had not really planned to stop to buy cookies as I was in a hurry and on my way somewhere else… but this patisserie bears the same name as my brother, so I had to go and have a look at it: once seeing its windows full of amazing-looking treats I just did not have the willpower to walk away!

A very helpful and friendly lady showed me all the many different products they had: from all possible varieties of chocolate to sweet and savoury biscuits, from Arabic delicacies to cakes of all dimensions… I truly was in heaven!

This time I did not have my camera with me, but I took a photo at home of the selection of assorted biscuits which I bought for only 70 AED: they were delicious, hence I have all reasons to go back to take more photos… (and more treats!)

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