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Eric Kayser – French bakery and cafe


Yummy Nicoise pasta salad.


Where in Abu Dhabi:
Abu Dhabi Mall, Level 1
Tel: 02 6434660

Éric Kayser is a French baker and food writer.

He opened his first namesake bakery and cafe in 1996, in Paris, France, and in 2001 he was already opening a new shop in Japan, and had won the first of many prizes for ‘best baker in Tokyo’.

Simple decor.

This French chain is present all over the world, but in Abu Dhabi I have found only one outlet, and it is inside Abu Dhabi Mall. We stumbled upon it whilst on a shopping trip, and the sleek design of the interior décor attracted us inside for a quick lunch.

I ordered a fusilli Nicoise (fusilli pasta, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, capsicum and boiled eggs with lemon-mayo-oregano dressing), but I asked if they could skip the tuna, which they did.

W ordered an EK beef burger: grilled beef topped with melted buffalo cheese, herb pesto mayo, basil and fresh rocca leaves, with a special strawberry sun-dried tomatoes vinaigrette and french fries!


Complimentary starter.

Our meal started with some complimentary bread, which came in a pretty plate complete of tasty pesto-like dip and something that tasted like cream cheese with oil (but might have been labneh).


The EK burger.

My pasta was tasty and I appreciated the fact that it was made fresh, and without tuna as per my request. W burger was really nice too, and he particularly liked the  strawberry tomato dressing.

We had never heard of Eric Kayser before, but we really enjoyed our food and we will definitely go back for more!


La Brioche – French bakery and cafe.


Selection of breads.


Where in Abu Dhabi:
There are many outlets all around the city and inside several shopping malls.
The ones I could pin-point so far are below (but I might be missing some!) :

  • Marina Mall – Ground Floor – Tel: 02 6815531
  • Dalma Mall – Level 1 – Tel: n/a
  • Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre – Najda Street – Tel: 02 6434822
  • Mazyad Mall, Mussafah – Level 1 – Tel: 02 5532474
  • Al Markaziya – beside Abu Dhabi Co-Operative Society, Khalifa Road – Tel: 02 6269300
  • Al Bateen – entrance of Liwa Village, just off 13th/Delma Street between 24th and 26th Street. Ground Floor, Gate House Building – Tel: n/a
  • Al Khalidiya – 3rd Street, behind Premier Motors – Tel: 02 6813353 / 02 6796976
  • Al Raha Beach – Al Muneera complex, on the waterfront – Tel: 02 5565646
  • Al Reem Island – Ground Floor, Boutik Mall, Sun & Sky Towers – Tel: 02 6436473
  • Khalifa City – near Union National Bank and Al Hilal Bank – Tel: 02 5567076

Lovely rustic interior.

This lovely restaurant/cafe/bakery immediately made us feel like we were stepping right into a French rustic kitchen.
The decor is really pretty, with its wooden furniture and beams on the ceiling. All the lovely cakes, quiches, breads and pastries eyeing us from the glass counter sealed the deal: we had to try the food!

There are so many of these restaurants around the city that it is really easy to stop by to grab a bite for lunch, or just share a tea with a friend. We tried it for the first time for dinner, so W ordered a grilled Angus strip loin steak with pepper sauce and I ordered the soup of the day. We ended our meal with a shared slice of chocolate cheesecake.

We were welcomed by a basked of fresh bread, of different varieties, which was very tasty.
W does not eat steak often, so he was happy that his meal was really good.
My soup was smooth and yummy, and the chocolate cake was the perfect ending to our light and healthy meal.

Since then, we have been in this restaurant many times, not only to eat-in but also to buy tasty treats to bring home, such as sweet and savoury muffins, cakes or bread.

It is really handy that there are so many of them around the city, because it means we are never too far away from a healthy and yummy meal.


Grilled Angus strip loin Steak with Pepper Sauce.


Soup of the day


Chocolate cheesecake


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