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Right Bite – healthy lunch delivery in Abu Dhabi


My first lunch from Right Bite!

Unless you have a gourmet deli under your office, most work cafeterias – let’s face it – are kinda awful. I definitely prefer to cook at home and bring a packed lunch!
Shame is that I don’t always have the energy and the time to do it… so I often end up shoving into my work bag a sad, lonely banana while I am rushing through the door… and this always leaves me with a grumbling stomach and a grumpy face!

This is why I decided to try Right Bite (official website –  official facebook).
This company promises to prepare gourmet lunches based on your dietary needs, and to deliver them fresh to your work place every day. All you have to do is to open the package, warm up in the microwave, and that’s it: a complete, nutricious (and yummy) meal.


The Right Bite cool bag that contains your lunches.

I decided to try it for three days, just to see what kind of food they would deliver.
Upon booking, I had to fill in a form asking me about my details (weight, height, etc) and what kind of lifestyle I have (they did not have the option ‘couch potato’ so I had to go with ‘sedentary’). It felt straight away very professional, as they asked many medical history questions, to prepare a menu tailored to my needs.

Once I sent off the form, one of the very friendly company’s nutritionists called me to have a quick chat and explain me all the details.

Basically here is how it works: based on the information provided, they tailor a menu for you, then you get given several food options. You then log in into your account every week and choose what you want to eat for your next few days of delivery.

My lunches arrived in handy bags, delivered to the office early in the morning: all I had to do was to put them in the fridge until lunch time.

So, what did I eat?
Well, I need to specify that I am a vegetarian, so all my meals were meat-free and fish-free.

The first day I had a vegetarian nacho pizza as a main, and a side dish made with roasted eggplant, tomatoes and low-fat feta cheese. As a dessert I chose to try an Arabic delicacy: a wholemeal labneh fatayer.


Nacho pizza!


Eggplant, tomato and feta salad.


Labneh Fatayer







The pizza was very tasty, especially because it mixed flavours I had not eaten on a pizza before, such as the Mexican beans. It was very filling and I really enjoyed it.
The eggplant salad was really lovely – I love eggplant, so I might be biased, but the combination with the fresh salad tomatoes and Greek cheese worked really well for me.
I had never tried a sweet fatayer before, but it was really nice, sweet but not too much, with a spicy kick. I am surely not going to limit myself to the savoury ones from now on!

The second day I had a spinach and chickpea stew served with brown rice. As a side dish I had a beetroot salad and as a dessert I had a chocolate brownie.


My meal for the second day.

The rice was really well cooked and full of flavour, and also the spinach were really yummy. I am not a big fan of beetroot, I must admit, but this salad had it mixed with lettuce, so I surprisingly really liked the combination. The chocolate brownie was delicious, obviously!

The third day has been my favourite out of all the three. I had a veggie burger as a main, cucumber and fennel as a side salad and a raspberry cheesecake as a dessert.


My meal for the third day.

It is really hard to get a good veggie burger, but this one was really tasty, had lovely potatoes on the side and even a container with fresh salad and sauces to add once warmed up. I really liked it!


Side salad and sauces


The burger ready to be eaten!








The fennel side salad had a lovely seasoning, but again, I love fennel and cucumbers! It came with a creamy dressing that was very nice.
The raspberry cheesecake had a bit which was slightly broken, so obviously I had to eat it quickly to put it out of its misery… and it was so delicious that I could have eaten another two of them.


Fennel and cucumber salad


Raspberry cheesecake








In conclusion, I was very happy with my trial.
This seems such a great idea to me. It is easy, yummy, and nutritionally balanced, so even if you have a cake, or chocolate, you don’t feel guilty because you know that the calories have been counted for you!

If this is not good enough, until the end of June part of the money you pay will go to charity!

I would really recommend this service to anyone which has a busy routine but still wants to eat properly, or to anyone who is keen to get in shape: who said that to be healthy you need to eat salad only? I am counting on cheesecakes from now on!


Special Juice Bar (Dalma Mall)

special juice bar 1

Green lights!

After a long day out and about, there are a few things that can beat a freshly made cold drink! We were shopping in Dalma Mall when we stumbled upon this eye-catching juice bar.

With half of its seating area basking in green light, this bar is certain to attract attention.

special juice bar 2


When we stopped and read the menu, full of delicious freshly made juices, milkshakes and smoothies, it was impossible not to take a seat!

We ordered two strawberry milkshakes with cream, and you could taste the fresh fruits in it all the way through. Gorgeous!

Apart from the one in Dalma Mall (located on the first floor, just opposite the big Carrefour hypermarket, Telephone number: 02-550 8444), we heard there is another branch on the Corniche, so we will make sure to try that one as well.

We could not find an official website but we will make sure to ask next time we are in the store!

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