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FWNAB: Sindhri Mango

I love mango. It is almost a synonim of summer and a staple in every seasonal fruit salad I make!
We had never tried Sindhri Mango before though, so we had to give it a go.

f1 copy

Handsome fellow!

According to Wikipedia, Sindh is the area in Pakistan where this type of mango is grown, and its peak season is from mid-May to mid-July.

It is slightly worrying that most of the photos I have seen on the internet seem to be of a very yellow fruit, so I am not totally sure if I was supposed to let it ripe? It seemed pretty ripe to me, though, when I opened it.

f2 copy

Juicy soul.

The taste was very similar to the mangoes I am used to eat at home, however it was a bit more intense and slightly more tangy. Maybe it was not ripe, after all! I will have to try again and buy another one before its season is over.

Looking for a recipe where to use my first mango from Pakistan, I came across this website and this website, where there are many cooking ideas to make the most of my love for mangoes. Updates to follow when I will try any of them!


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