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FWNAB: Pomelo

Pomelo in his net and decorative leaf.

The Pomelo is a citrus fruit native of South East Asia. According to its label, the one that we bought here in our local supermarket was cultivated in China.
Apparently it is the largest citrus fruit in the world, with a diameter of 15–25 cm (5.9–9.8 inches). (Source: Wikipedia).


I had no idea about it when I bought it, and I was expecting a melon-like fruit: imagine my surprise upon slicing it!
It tastes a bit like grapefruit, tangy but pleasant.

It was pretty easy to open, but apparently there is a precise technique to follow to get it out of its skin perfectly intact. Something that everyone seem to agree upon is that the pit and white membrane must be completely removed before eating.

This fruit is very rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and fiber. It is cultivated all over the world, and can be eaten raw, in salads or as part of many different desserts.

Online there are plenty of recipes featuring this versatile fruit, catering for all tastes. From an exotic fruit salad to a savoury salad, from smoothies to marmalade and citrus bars, it is even used to complement scallops and chicken, so I look forward to invent my own recipe soon!


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