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Yummy take away: Telepizza

  • What did we order?

– Tandoori chicken pizza
– Margherita pizza
– Garlic mozzarella bread
– Potato wedges
– Two cans of soft drinks

  • How much did it cost?  100 AED

  • Where did we order from?

Telepizza – Al Raha Gardens Plaza, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi
Telephone number: 02 5577002

  • What did it look like? (click on images to enlarge)

Tandoori chicken pizza


Margherita pizza


Telepizza box







Potato wedges

Garlic mozzarella bread







  • Why did we like it?

– Very friendly staff on the phone, easy to order and quick service.
– Super tasty pizza, just the right level of crunchy crust and full-of-flavour toppings.
– Very reasonably priced and lots of choices on the menu.


Yummy Take Away: Automatic

  • What did we order?

– Meat Shawarma Plate with Hommous
– Lentil soup
– Fried Halloumi Cheese
– Grilled Halloumi Cheese
– Falafel Plate
– Cheese pastries
– Hommous
– French Fries
– Yoghurt with Cucumber

  • How much did it cost?  131 AED

  • Where did we order from?

Automatic restaurant – inside Al Mariah Mall – Tel: 02 676 9677
(But we actually ordered through FoodOnClick)

  • What did it look like? (click on images to enlarge)
grilled halloumi

Grilled Halloumi



lentil soup

Lentil soup








falafel platter

Falafel plate

cheese pastries

Cheese pastries

fried halloumi

Fried Halloumi









french fries

French fries

yoghurt and cucumber

Yoghurt with cucumber







vegetable platter

Salad platter

flat bread

Flat bread (spoon for scale)







  • Why did we like it?

– The food was really tasty and the portions were more than generous!
– Everything came with a lot of complimentary flat bread, a massive plate of veggies, more side veggies (not pictured) and two yummy dips.
– Ordering was easy, delivery was quick and staff friendly!


Yummy Take Away: Zaika

  • What did we order?

– Paneer Tikka (Indian cottage cheese slices marinated in a red masala sauce)
– Paneer Paratha (Cheesy flatbread)
– Tandoori Chicken (Chicken marinated in Tandoori spices and chargrilled in a clay oven)
– Zaika Paneer Makhani (Pieces of Paneer in tomato gravy)
– Pav Bhaji (Potato-based curry with spices)
– Masala Dosa (A sort of Indian pancake stuffed with vegetables)
– Butter Naan (Traditional Indian bread)
– Strawberry Milkshake

  • How much did it cost?  146 AED

  • Where did we order from?

Zaika Restaurant – inside Khalidiya Mall – Tel: 050 3181515
(Orders also available from website FoodOnClick)

  • What did it look like? (click on images to enlarge)

Paneer TikkaPaneer ParathaTandoori ChickenZaika Paneer MakhaniPav Bhaji

Masala DosaButter NaanStrawberry Milkshake

  • Why did we like it?

– Well, the food was absolutely delicious!! Apart from the gorgeous Indian dishes, also the milkshake tasted lovely, with real pieces of fresh strawberry in it.
– We liked the fact that they added a lot of free dips and sauces to our order, and also some extra bread.
– Everything arrived quickly and staff were very friendly.


Yummy Take Away: Il Forno

  • What did we order?

– Spaghetti Prima (Caramelised onion, goat cheese, roasted cherry tomato, baby spinach, covered with provolone cheese and roasted almonds in garlic sauce).
– Spaghetti Palazzo (Chorizo, bacon, cannellini beans in spicy tomato sauce).
– Mango Salad (Fresh mango, walnut, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, raisins, romana lettuce in a blue cheese dressing).
– Garlic Bread with cheese (4 pcs)

  • How much did it cost?   108 AED
  • Where did we order from?

Il Forno – inside Al Wahda Mall – Tel: 02 443 7344

  • What did it look like? (click on images to enlarge)

forno1 forno2 forno3 forno4 forno5 forno6

  • Why did we like it?

– Staff at the mall were very friendly and the order was ready in less than 10 min.
– Everything was really yummy. We both enjoyed it very much. The mango and blue cheese combination in the salad was a bit quirky but that was expected!
– The fact that they packed the food not only with disposable cutlery and napkins but also with a lot of tiny containers with grated cheese, chilli flakes and salad dressing was really nice. They also added extra bread in one of the spaghetti.


Yummy Take Away: Trattoria Olivella

  • What did we order?

– Pizza Margherita (Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Fresh Green Basil)
– Pizza Texicana (BBQ Sauce, Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, Jalapenos, Red Onion)
– Fanta and Coke.

  • How much did it cost?   102 AED
  • Where did we order from?

 Trattoria Olivella – Fotouh Al Khair Centre, Marks & Spencer Complex – +971 2 622 5111

  • What did it look like? (click on images to enlarge)

take away pizza 1 copy take away pizza 3 copy take away pizza 2 copy

  • Why did we like it?

– The delivery was very quick, it took less than 30 min.
– The delivery person wore a black bow tie! We loved the style touch.
– The pizza was tasty and arrived still hot and crunchy.
– The soft drinks came in glass bottles, which are so much nicer than cans!


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