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Getting water cooler refills in Abu Dhabi.

Living in the sunshine is fantastic, but it requires us to drink a lot of water!! After realising that we were filling up 90% of our fridge space with gallons and gallons of it, we finally decided to get a water cooler. It is easy, saves us a lot of space and gives us icy cold water at the touch of a button. Many people over here have one, as they can be easily bought new in all the main shopping malls, or second hand on Dubizzle.

Once we got Larry (that’s the name I just given to our watercooler, along with a zazzy makeover – W is not aware yet), we had to find a company to provide him with new weekly heads (so to speak).

Hi, I am Larry and I love you.

There are a lot of different water companies in Abu Dhabi supplying private households, and here is the list of all those we were able to find, in alphabetical order:

We really have plenty of choice!
Everyone of these companies offers to bring new gallons of water and pick up the empty ones right at our doorstep. Easy! (Unfortunately, paper moustaches are not included).

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