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Going out and about in the city is always fun, but there are days in which a night in is just what we want. If the new episode of that show we like is on, it is the final of  big sport tournament, or maybe we just need a quiet evening after a long day, to be able to call in a tasty take away is one of our favourite perks of living in a modern city.

In the city there are also plenty of companies happy to delivery balanced, healthy meals to your office for lunch or complete meals for dinner: we personally tried Right Bite and Dinner Time.

Take away-wise, in Abu Dhabi we have plenty of choices, and we were surprised to realise that even chains that in Europe have a in-store-only policy here are happy to come to your doorstep.

We particularly found useful the website FoodOnClick, especially for dealing with restaurants that might be very busy or noisy and with which might be difficult to have a clear conversation over the phone.
The registration is free but we were advised to allow at least 90 minutes for our first order: after ordering, the website administrators called us to confirm our details before contacting the restaurant on our behalf, and the whole process obviously took a little while.
From the second order onwards, however, we have been able to do everything online and they just contacted the restaurants directly without any delay.

Below you will find our personal take away favourites, organised by cuisine.

This page will be constantly updated as we find new scrumptious places.

Please note: exclusively Vegetarian restaurants (as in no meet/no fish served) are marked by the letter (V) but every place on this list offered several Vegetarian options.

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indian food


italian food


ll Forno

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Trattoria Olivella











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