Saving money: the Entertainer books.

Our 2013 book.

With such amazing choice in restaurants and bars, we find ourselves going out a lot.
And the wallet cries.
A great way to have the cake AND eat it, is to be on the lookout for discount vouchers.

Many restaurants will give you vouchers at the end of your meal (like Spaccanapoli, inside Crowne Plaza) so you can save some money the next time you eat there.

Others will have special deals on certain days of the week, or special discounts for bigger groups of friends, or maybe give you a free entry to their pool or beach, if you are eating inside a hotel, which is very nice.

In general, though, what we found to be the best way to save money is to get the Entertainer books.
We had never heard of it before moving here, but it is quite a popular thing around Abu Dhabi.

Three vouchers per place.

The Entertainer books are a collection of “two for one” vouchers from thousand of establishments, from restaurant to ice cream parlours, from golf courses to waterparks, from beauty salons to hotels.
Each page is composed by three vouchers from each establishment, which are valid for one year.
We just have to be very careful to buy the 2014 book, not the 2013 editions, which are still available for purchase on the website.

UPDATE – MAY 2014: Click HERE for an exclusive 10 % discount on all Entertainer products valid until the end of June 2014!

Usually there are different kinds of books, both in mobile and paper version, but we had the general one this year and it covered all what we wanted to do.
The 2014 version is currently available for pre-ordering and there is a 10% discount on the cover price available on the official website.

The price for one book is approximately between 250 and 400 AED, depending on which version you choose, but we found that if you use at least four or five of the hundreds of vouchers inside, you have already got your money back and started saving.
The vouchers are valid for one year, but a few might have some restrictions on days and times of use, so it’s always good to read the small prints.

More info on the official Entertainer website.

Click HERE to read more about EXPAT info & tips.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for the 2014 copy…guess I will pre-order it online since there’s a discount…thanks for the info!

    • Glad if I could help! :) I recently discovered the mobile version, which apparently also has last second deals and a handy map!

  2. Reblogged this on Middleastexpat and commented:
    This is what helps me survive Restaurant hopping! Informative post from Abu Dhabi Days Blogger

  3. I purchased my copy yesterday from Borders @ Abu Dhabi Mall; it comes with a complimentary travel entertainer for hotel stays around UAE and other places; plus the bookstore gives you a voucher for AED 60.00 for this purchase. Just letting you know.

  4. These are really a great way to stretch the budget – thanks for letting us know about them!

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