Hardee’s in Abu Dhabi

Classic burger combo menu.


Where in Abu Dhabi:

Khalidiyah Mall, Food Court;
Abu Dhabi Mall, Food Court;
Al Whada Mall, 2nd floor;
Mushrif Mall, Food Court;
Khalifa City A, near Geant supermarket;
Tourist Club area, beside Emsons Supermarket on Electra Street;

As far as burger chains go, Hardee’s is one of the most popular in Abu Dhabi, with shops in some of the main malls, petrol stations and central streets. (Here is the complete list of all the restaurants in the UAE).

Hardee’s was founded in the 1960s by a man called Wilbur Hardee, who started selling charbroiled hamburgers in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
His success was so rapid that by the end of the decade he had opened nearly 200 restaurants, in the US and in Europe.
The first one opened in the Middle East was in 1981, and it was in Kuwait.
Today there are more than 2200 Hardee’s all over the world.

Hardee’s in Al Whada mall.

We love a good burger and we are often looking for a quick bite in between errands, so we decided to try the Hardee’s in Al Whada mall. The food court of the mall is huge, so when you order they give you one of those boxes that starts beeping when your food is ready.

We just shared a burger combo – which means that W ate the burger and I had some of the fries and the cookie!
We were pleasantly surprised, because when it is a chain of such huge proportions you almost expect the food to disappoint you… and yet it was actually really yummy!
Everything in the meal tasted freshly prepared and the fries were the right kind of crunchy.
Staff at this branch were also very friendly, which added to our positive feeling.
We will definitely try more of these burger joints around the city!


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