Masdar Street Festival: the photos.

Nearly a month ago (wow, time really flies!) I posted about the Masdar Street Festival, held in occasion of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.
We had never been before so we were curious to find out how it was. Well, I do hope you managed to pop by, because it was actually very good.

The place was buzzing with people, live music, plenty of food stalls and art&craft stalls, and lots of interesting info about eco-friendly technology.

Here are my personal highlights of the day.

Really a fun idea.

The life-sized wind tower and solar panel walking around were really cute and fun, a good idea for the kids, who loved them. (I did too!)

Great live music!

The live music was great, as a kick-ass band rocked it out on the big stage near one of the entrances: the lead singer literally turned heads with his amazing voice.

Singer-songwriter Abbo was sitting in the ‘secret garden’, a romantic green setting full of little tables, benches and cushions, just next to the library (and to a handy selection of ice cream carts and food stalls!), serenading us all with his beautiful tunes

Many stalls were selling gourmet food, both to eat straight away or to bring home. From delicious dates to organic bread, from the eco-themed cupcakes by Hey Sugar to pop corn and ice cream, from pizza to Lebanese food, there was something for everyone.

The restaurants inside Masdar city were also open, and obviously super-busy. We ate sushi and it was just delicious!

There were many activities for children, such as planting a flower and decorate the vase to bring it home, build a windmill, dancing with the clowns and so much more.  You could even try to light a light-bulb with a bicycle if you wanted!

So many pretty things to choose from!

The lovely stalls of sustainable arts and crafts sold everything from fair-trade furniture to beautiful panama hats.

My favourite stall belonged to Bhawna Sehra and her hand-poured candles made out of natural Palm wax. (Official websiteFacebook) With so many amazing scents, I could not resist and I had to buy one!
You could choose herbal perfumes (such as basil or rosemary), floral scents (such as palmarosa, lavender and neroli), minty ones (and that is the one I chose!), cedarwood, lemon, orange and much more.

I did not know that, but apparently palm wax creates amazing and unique crystalline patterns upon cooling and it is also the most eco-friendly wax available: palms enhance bio-diversity, soil fertility, use very little water, are GMO free (not genetically modified) and pest resistant. Palm wax production is clean and uses no harmful solvents, and it is 100% natural and vegan. Also, in a country where there are so many palms around, it is really amazing to be able to bring a bit of the local nature inside our home! I love my new candle!

Even if we were not allowed to ride in the robot-cars on the way in (there were too many people so we had to take a shuttle bus), we managed to end the day riding them back to the car park, which was fun.

It has been a lovely day out and we already look forward to next year!


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