Burger Bureau in Abu Dhabi.



Where in Abu Dhabi:

Al Whada Mall
Level Three
Al Whada Mall Extension
Telephone: 800 1287437

You never forget your first meal in a new city, and it was on our very first visit to Al Whada Mall that we chose to have lunch in this restaurant, which looked very cheerful and original, and had very friendly door staff.

Little did we know that we were about to step into nothing less than a Burger Crime Office, where the menu is a Most Wanted list and the burgers have names inspired by mystery and crime fiction. With such original and detailed décor and a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, we liked it straight away.

lunch at Burger Bureau

Lovely décor and atmosphere.

The menu offered the chance to build our own burger, but in the end I ordered an Italian Job (grilled Portobello mushroom, mozzarella cheese, tomato relish, fresh basil and green rocket) and W ordered a BB Classic (beef, tomato, lettuce, onion, tomato relish, and herb mayonnaise).

The buns were yummy and at the right level of softness (not too much, not too little), the fillings were mouthwatering and all was complimented by a side of curly fries, which came in a fun cone-shaped container fitted with two sauce holders.

Apart from the lovely food, we had great fun in reading the menu, full of puns and word plays on the crime theme. W just loves burgers and I (Lau) am a vegetarian, so my quest for a tasty veggie burger never really ends. With so many burger chains around, we love to try local companies, especially if they use organic and natural ingredients.

With such tasty burgers and original and creative setting, we have been lucky to end up here as our first meal in Abu Dhabi, and of course that has not been the last.


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